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Downspout Installation or Replacement

Your gutters are only as good as the downspouts which carry the rainwater down from the collection gutter to the next story down. Whether it's new a downspout or a replacement, read on to learn how to mount these and keep them in place.

Items needed:
Screw driver
Drill bits
Step or extension ladder
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Caution using ladder
Edges of downspout can be sharp
Do not use pop rivets, otherwise you can't remove it for painting
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 4 hour


Screw attaching downspout
Screw downspout to gutter

Step 1:

The first step is to examine the existing gutter. If you are replacing a worn or broken downspout, remove the screw at the connection with the gutter.

Short gutter section between elbows

Step 2:

The replacement downspout will probably need two elbows.Between the elbows, a short length of downspout may also be required, depending on the distance of the roof overhang. These can be attached using small white-headed self-taping screws designed specifically for gutter applications.

Match pilot and shaft diameter

Step 3:

Be sure to select a screw the size of the pilot shaft of the screw.

Elbow discharge to roof

Step 4:

On the outlet end of the downspout, you may also need another elbow.

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