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Installing Gutter Spikes

Gutter spikes are one of many methods used to secure aluminum gutters to the facia board.  Other methods include what I call the "hanger" as the gutter literally hangs from an aluminium bracket.  The gutter spike is the most common method.  Safety note: FALLING OFF THE ROOF CAN KILL OR INJURE YOU!  Work with an appropriate safety harness.  Work from a ladder if you can.

Gutter spike
Items needed:

Gutter Spike and Ferrule

Safety Suggestions and Tips
Be careful when working on roof
Work from a ladder if possible.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hours


Start the spike
Start the spike

Step 1:

Determine where you need to install the spike(s).  Pierce the gutter using either the gutter spike or another appropriate tool.   You can always put the ferrule inside of the gutter and then drive the spike through.


Step 2:

Place the ferrule inside the gutter and push the spike through the gutter.  Keep the ferrule level, don't let the end against the facia stray too low.


Step 3:

Take your hammer and drive the spike into the board.   Don't get too tough with the spike or you'll bend it.

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