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Patching a leaky gutter

Gutters sometimes get holes in them.  Sometimes it is the result of physical damage and other times it can be the product of corrosion.  This is especially true if you have older steel gutters.  If the whole gutter is deteriorating, replace the entire run.  If it is raining when you are attempting this, make sure you get "Wet roof cement."  This cement contains chemicals that displace water and allow the cement to seal. 

Items needed:

Roof cement
Putty knife (disposable plastic ones are good for this)
Small piece of flashing
Tin snips

Safety Suggestions and Tips
Be careful when working on roof
Work from a ladder if possible.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Clean area
Clean area

Step 1:

If the hole is small, like a nail hole, then you can simply use some roofing cement to plug the hole.  If it is large, skip to step 3.

Feather area
Feather area

Step 2:

Clean any debris away from the area to be repaired.  Put some roofing cement around the small hole and use a putty knife (disposable plastic ones are good for this) to smooth out the patch. 

Cut patch
Cut patch

Step 3:

If the hole is somewhat larger, you'll need a small piece of metal to help patch it.  Flashing works good for this and comes in short rolls.  Clean up any debris around the repair area and, using tin snips, cut the patch so that it is slightly larger than the hole. Lay down a bed of roof cement around the hole.  Make sure that it is large enough so that it is larger than the patch area.

Push patch down
Push patch down

Step 4:

Place the patch in place and press it into place.  Use a putty knife to feather out the edges so that water will flow easily over the patch.

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