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Utility Door Installation

A steel utility doors can be are easily installed as part of a room addition, garage makeover or barn. With properly sized framing, the pre-hung jambs will fit easily.  With some care during the shimming, you can get a perfect close and good weather stripping seal. 

Framed opening
Items needed:
Utility door
Caulk or sill barrier
Wood shims
2-1/2" screws
Screw gun
Electric drill and bits
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Once the shipping clips are removed, hold the door from swinging open when moving it in place.
Do not push in corners flush to wall as this will force the door out of square with the jamb and cause gaps in the weather seal.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Framed opening for door
Framed opening for door

Step 1:

Check to see that your door will easily fit within the opening.  The opening should be at least 1/2" wider than the outer extent of the door jamb. The brick molding can be removed, depending on your installation.

Remove plastic shipping clips
Remove plastic shipping clips

Step 2:

Remove the door clips.  These hold the door tight for shipping.  Carefully pry loose the plastic grips without damaging the door jamb. 

Pull staples holding shipping skid
Pull staples holding shipping skid

Step 3:

On the bottom of the door sill, pry loose the cardboard or wooden shipping skid.  Be sure to pull any staples. 

Lay sill barrier or apply two lines of caulk to bottom of door threshold
Lay sill barrier or apply two lines of caulk to bottom of door threshold

Step 4:

To seal below the threshold, either caulk the base of the threshold or lay a sill barrier.  

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