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Tile Grout Repair

Most tile surfaces have grout between the tiles.  Grout that is not cared for deteriorates over time and looks awful.  Fortunately, it is pretty easy to fix.  These directions pertain mainly to fixing small patches of grout.  However, it is possible to remove all of the grout in a tub surround, for instance, and re-grout it.  

Sponge grout
Items needed:
Grout Saw
Pre-mixed grout
Utility knife (depends on conditions)
Grout sealer (good idea)
Small brush
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Do not let grout haze completely harden
Apply sealer to maintain grout
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 2 hour


Damaged grout area
Damaged grout area

Step 1:

Identify the grout lines that need to be repaired.  Sometimes they will look crumbly, other times the grout will become permanently stained.  

Grout saw
Grout saw

Step 2:

Start with one of the grout lines and use the grout saw to grind out and remove the old grout.

Using grout saw
Using grout saw

Step 3:

Use a sawing motion, drawing the saw towards you first. Be careful not to scratch the tile and stay in the grove. Grind out the grout to remove all of the stained layer.

Razor scraper
Razor scraper

Step 4:

If the grout lines are too tight for the grout saw, use a scraper or utility knife (Be careful not to cut yourself).

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