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Cutting Cement Board

Cement board is the choice of professionals for tile installation.  It is tough and withstands repeated exposure to water. There are many different brands (Durock, Miracle Board) but the practical application seems to be the same.  It is constructed from cement with a nylon mesh on either side.

Scoring cement board
Items needed:
Razor knife
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Durock edges are sharp
Be careful with utility knive
For pocket cuts, use masonry blade
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Utility knife
Utility knife

Step 1:

Measure the opening that you have have to fill.  Using a square, transfer these measurements to the cement board.  Cement board seems fairly tough but is actually fairly easy to cut with a utility knife.

Close up view of score
Close up view of score

Step 2:

You must cut the mesh on one side.  Score the cement board with a razor knife until you cut the mesh.

Cutting backside after snapping
Cutting backside after snapping

Step 3:

Second, snap the board away from you but do not allow the waste to hang free or it might pull the mesh from the other side.  Fold the snapped side over and, using you razor knife, cut the mesh on the other side.

Trim if needed
Trim if needed

Step 4:

Make sure that your cuts are as accurate as possible.  If you need to trim areas, you can simply run the knife along the edge.  Hold the knife so that the blade bites slightly into the edge.  This can be a tedious process so try to get it right the first time.

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