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Planting grass seed on bare spots in lawn

Need to fill in a brown patch in your lawn?  Summer drought caused sections to die off? Head down to the store for some seed and grab your rake

Bare spot
Items needed:
Straight rake
Grass Seed
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Check for grubs or other insects.
Do not over fertilize.
Keep watered daily.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
       1 hour


Scratch and loosen bare soil
Scratch and loosen bare soil

Step 1:

Inspect the area you want to replant.  It should be free of weeds, roots and other unwanted debris.  If it is not, clean it up. Using the straight rake, rake the patch creating small furrows in the dirt.

Spread grass seed
Spread grass seed

Step 2:

Spread the grass seed and a very small amount of fertilizer over the area.  Overlap the surrounding areas by a couple of inches.  Make sure you use an appropriate seed for the job.

Rake in seed to cover
Rake in seed to cover

Step 3:

Rake the dirt over the seeds.  Cover with 1/4" of dirt, don't bury them six inches deep!  Just use enough to conceal them.

Cover seed with straw and keep watered
Cover seed with straw and keep watered

Step 4:

Cover the patch area with straw and water it!  Make sure that you keep the area watered until the grass is established.

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