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Installing a Light Kit on a Ceiling Fan

What is better than a ceiling fan?  A ceiling fan with lights on it.  These lights are generally in a good place and are convenient to use.  The installation is pretty straightforward and easy to do.  The biggest problem seems to be that you could really use about 3 or 4 hands.  Having someone else around is a great idea.

Items needed:
Light kit for your fan
Wire nuts
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Be sure that power is off!
Use caution when climbing a ladder
Calculate circuit load
Balance fan blades with weights
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
       2 hours


Remove mounting screws

Step 1:

Cut the power to the fan at the breaker box.  If the breakers are unlabeled, turn the fan on and throw breakers until the fan stops.

Remove center screw

Step 2:

There should be a plate on the bottom of the fan.  Remove the plate.  There is usually a screw on either side of the little pod hanging down. 

Wiring connections

Step 3:

Examine the plate you removed.  There is normally a screw or some sort of plug in the middle of the plate.  Remove the screw, exposing the threaded ferrule that the wires will run through.

Mount base plate

Step 4:

Examine the exposed wires in the fan.  There should be one blue and one white wire that are not connected to anything.

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