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Replacing Toilet Works

If your toilet runs on or just does not work well, it may be time to replace all of the works.  This job is a bit unpleasant but easy to accomplish.  The kit pictured in this how to is made by Fluid Master, if you need to buy the entire rebuild kit, click here.

Remove filltube
Items needed:

Adjustable Wrench
Scissors (if required)
Small bucket

Safety Suggestions and Tips
Be sure water is off
Wash your hands thoroughly after you are completed.  This is a dirty job.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 2 hours


Shutoff water
Shutoff water

Step 1:

Drain the toilet by turning off the water supply valve to the toilet and flushing the toilet.  Hold the handle down to allow as much water as possible to drain out.  Sponge up whatever remains.

Sensor switch
Sensor switch

Step 2:

Put a bucket or pan under the water supply valve.  Remove the water supply line from the toilet and, if necessary from the water supply valve.  Remove the nut from the bottom of the valve.  There are many types of tubing used to connect the water supply to the toilet so save the old connector.

Remove valve
Remove valve

Step 3:

Remove the fill tube from the overflow pipe and from the valve.  Remove the valve from the tank.

Remove flapper
Remove flapper

Step 4:

Remove the chain from the handle.  Remove the flapper from the ears on the overflow tube.  Be careful as the rubber has usually deteriorated and will leave black stuff on your hands (and whatever else it comes into contact with).

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