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Replace Gas Stove

After enough repair bills, it's probably time to replace that old gas stove.  The procedure is straight forward, unless you have LP gas.  Units are delivered ready to go for natural gas and require several modifications to convert to bottled gas.  It's not too difficult, just be sure that you follow all of the instructions.  Stove installation is best done by a qualified service technician, though if you are confident, you can do it yourself.  Be sure to obey local codes and ordinances to ensure that homeowner installation is permitted.

Reverse valve for LP
Items needed:
Nut driver
Screw driver
Pry bar
Teflon tape of pipe compound
Liquid soap
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Shut off gas before beginning
Observe local codes.
Hire a a qualified technician if there are any doubts.
Test gas lines before restoring supply.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 4 hour


Shut off gas supply
Shut off gas supply

Step 1:

You need to disconnect and remove the old unit.  This includes both the gas and the electric.  Before you get started, shut of the gas line.  Close the valve, located either in the basement or at the tank.   

Protect flooring with plywood
Protect flooring with plywood

Step 2:

To pull the plug, you will need to drag the unit away from the wall.  First lay down a piece of plywood to keep from gouging or scratching the floor.

Loosen gas supply line
Loosen gas supply line

Step 3:

At the base of the stove, remove the cover plate with a screwdriver.  If you have old copper tubing, you will first need to disconnect the line at the fitting to the stove.

Old flared copper fitting
Old flared copper fitting

Step 4:

Loosen the nut and slide this back. This is a flared copper type fitting.

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