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Ladder Safety

We commonly use ladders around the house for painting, gutter repair or clean out and working on the roof.   You should always use proper safety precautions. Throughout the US there are an estimated 50,000 significant injuries and over 300 deaths each year as a result of working on ladders. 

Raising the entension ladder
Items needed:
Step ladder
Extension ladder
Safety Suggestions and Tips
READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on the ladder for weight limits.
If you are afraid of heights - DON'T CLIMB LADDERS!
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Step ladder
Step ladder

Step 1: Ladder Selection

The first step is pick the appropriate size ladder for the job.  If you plan on working extensively in an area, you may want to use scaffolding, instead (Step 8). For example, a six-foot step ladder will only allow access about 10 feet above the ground.  You should not use either the top platform of the ladder or the top-most step.

Check rung locks
Check rung locks

Step 2: Check the Extension Ladder

First examine the ladder while on the ground.  Be sure that the rung locks are working.

Raise extension ladder
Raise extension ladder rope

Step 3: Raising the Extension Ladder

Assuming you need more to access more than 10 feet, raise the extension ladder, first placing the base of the ladder securely. It helps to have two persons for this job.

Correct ladder angle
Correct ladder angle

Step 4:

The ladder will be placed such there is one foot of distance for every four feet of height.  This is the 4-to-1 rule.

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