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Drywall Joints

The joint between two pieces of drywall is key to a new installation.  Practice is the key.  If you can, you might want to experiment on two pieces before you take on a real wall.  As with other drywall procedures, multiple thin coats are the key.  This process can be used on factory (beveled) edges or butt joints.  Some professionals like to bevel butt joints with a razor (utility) knife.  It is up to you. 

Drywall Joints
Items needed:
Joint Compound (mud)
Tape knife
Drywall Joint Tape
Sand paper
Ladder (if required)
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Drywall compound is sometimes referred to as "mud"
Do not let mud freeze
Clean all tools immediately after use
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 4 hour


Apply tape

Step 1:

Start by securing the drywall in place.  If you are repairing a hole, see the drywall repair how-to.  If you have had some sort of damage to the joint, see the how-to on repairing joints.

Drywall tape
Self-adhesive and regular tape

Step 2:

If using self-adhesive tape, take the backing off and apply the tape over the joint.  When using regular tape, put down a thin bed of mud.

Applt tape
Applying self-adhesive tape

Step 3:

Start applying self-adhesive tape in corner or at edge. 

Tape on joint
Secure tape

Step 4:

Press the tape down firmly on both surfaces.

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