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Check for level

Step 5:

At this point, the form needs to be leveled up and attached to the stakes. The easy way to do this is to secure the high side to the stakes and then raise the low side to level the form. Fill around the outside of the form if gaps occur with dirt.  Ensure that the stakes are lower than the top of the form.


Step 6:

Another consideration is reinforcing the concrete. Since these pads aren't very thick and are above the frost line, they will be subjected to a fair amount of stress. This can cause the slab to crack. In order to prevent this, put wire mesh or reinforcing rods into the slab. Wire mesh is probably better for this application as it is less difficult to manipulate than reinforcing rod. In either event, you need to ensure that the rods or mesh "float" in the middle of the pad and do not sink to the bottom. Small plastic "risers" are available for this (We used re-bar in picture as wire mesh wouldn't show up).


Step 7:

Follow the instructions on the package to mix the concrete.  Pour it into the form until it reaches the top.  Use a "screed" (usually a board) to level the top of the pad.  If a smooth finish is desired, the level surface may be "worked" with a trowel to bring the "cream" to the top.  If not, wait a bit and brush the surface with a broom for a rougher finish.  Cure the concrete according to the manufacturers instructions - usually by covering with plastic for 7 days.

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