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Quality rust removing salt

Step 5:

I recommend a quality product such as the "iron" removing type of salt.

Looking down brine valve assembly

Step 6:

Now, remove the brine valve chamber by removing the screws on either side of the salt tank. In the bottom of the tank is the salt plate that needs to be removed also. Things get trapped beneath it. I recommend that you move the tank outside of the house to scrub and hose it out. Generally, you should not have to clean the brine tube connecting the storage tank and the conditioner.

Fill with fresh salt

Step 7:

Refill the tank with clean salt almost all the way to the top of the tank. This may take from 6-8 bags of salt depending on the size of your storage tank.Use a quality product, such as Morton. Fill the tank with 4-6" of water.

Push for by-pass

Step 8:

Replace the storage tank cover. Be sure that the by-pass value is pushed in. On this unit, looking from the right you would push for by-pass.

Push for service

Step 9:

From the left you would see to push for service

Looking down at valve

Step 10:

Looking down from above, you can see how this works.

Do not turn these valves

Step 11:

There should be no need to use the manual valves.

Check and reset clock, if necessary

Step 12:

While you're there and having the occasional power outage, you probably need to reset the clock, by removing the cover and rotating the dial to the correct time.

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