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Freeing a Sticky Door

If your door rubs against the jamb and all other methods have failed (wax, etc), here are a few steps that can help you free it.

Door frame
Items needed:


Safety Suggestions and Tips
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Check hinges
Check hinges

Step 1:

Push the door closed until it is open a few inches.  Watching the hinges, lift up on the handle.  If the either of the hinges move, check the screws that hold the hinge(s), they are loose.  If the hinge(s) appear to stay in place but the door moves around, pull out the hinge pins (top and bottom) and inspect them.  They are likely worn.  If this is not the case, go to Step 2.

Plane door
Plane door

Step 2:

Using either a hand plane (solid wood door only) or a sander, plane down the part of the door that is rubbing.  The part that is rubbing will likely be obvious as the paint will be damaged.  If you don't have a hand plane/sander or don't want to buy one, go to Step 3.

Edge of door
Edge of door

Step 3:

Use a piece of medium grit sandpaper or an electric sander, sand down the part of the door that is sticking.

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