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Installing a shelf

It does not seem as though you can have enough storage space.  A strategically placed shelf can help ease your woes.  This how-to shows you how to install a simple shelf that uses two brackets and a piece of wood.  The most important thing is to make sure that the shelf is level.

Items needed:
Tape measure
Shelving board
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Make sure the shelf is installed level or things will roll off.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Hang one side
Hang one side

Step 1:

Locate the area where you want to put the shelf.  Determine how high the shelf should be.  Shelves with different uses are mounted at different heights.  Just make sure that it is not so high you can not reach things that are placed against the wall.  Lightly mark the wall.

Install second hanger
Install second hanger

Step 2:

Mount the first shelf bracket on the wall.  If you are putting the shelf up for decorative purposes, you might be able to use wall anchors.  If you use wall anchors, put the bracket up to the wall and mark the spots for the anchors by marking through the mounting holes in the brackets.  If you need help with wall anchors, click here.  If you are going to store books or bricks, you need to find a stud.  If you need help finding a stud, click here.  The screws that you use should be between 1 3/4" and 2".  Enough to get securely into the stud.

Measure from ceiling
Measure from ceiling

Step 3:

Mount the second bracket.  If you are mounting the brackets by screwing into the studs, measure over from the first bracket to locate the site for the second bracket (Remember that studs are normally 16" on center).  Mark the wall.  Measure from the ceiling down to the first hanger and set the second bracket to the same height.  If you are mounting the brackets using anchors, set the bracket in the right place using the above method and mark through the holes in the bracket.

Check level
Check level

Step 4:

Put the board(s) over the brackets and check to make sure that the shelf is level.

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