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Using Pop Rivets

Pop rivets are light-weight rivets used to join similar metals that won't be subjected to great stress.  Gutters are a great example. 

Items needed:
Pop rivet gun
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Wear Safety glasses
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 5 minutes


Drill hole

Step 1:

Check the pop rivet package to determine the size of the hole you need to drill.  Drill the hole in both surfaces.

Insert rivet

Step 2:

Insert the rivet into the "nozzle" in the gun, make sure that it is seated all the way down.

Push rivet head in

Step 3:

Push the end of the rivet into the hole.  Make sure that the head of the rivet goes through both pieces of metal.

Squeeze handle

Step 4:

Squeeze the handle until you hear the rivet snap off.  

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