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Cold weather can bring more than low temperatures. Your warm toasty house looks very inviting to lots of critters who are shivering outside. Mice are one of the more common problems that homeowners encounter. Fortunately, they are normally easy to deal with. You should position the traps near the area you think the mice are entering your home.   One note: we do not cover mouse/rodent poisons in this article. Poisons are very effective but should not be used when young children or pets are present in the home.

Items needed:
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Use care when placing traps. Do not place them where you might step on them!
You will have to experiment to find the type of bait your mice like.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:


Live catch mouse trap

Type 1:

This type of trap confines the mouse inside of it so that the mouse may be "relocated".  The bait is placed at the rear of the trap and when the mouse goes in after it, the door falls closed behind him. These traps work well but larger mice will not be able to get into it. 

Normal mouse trap

Type 2:

This is your standard type of trap. You set the trap by folding over the bar and then setting the holder in place. Place the bait on the trip before you set the trap!  When the mouse disturbs the bait, the bar snaps over and kills the mouse.

Strange mouse trap

Type 3:

This is a bit of a strange trap, but folks tell us it works.  You butter the sides of a largish bowl and place some popcorn on the bottom. The mice get into the bowl to get the popcorn but can't get out as the sides are too slippery.  Not for those who are uncomfortable dealing with live mice.


Type 4:

This trap is a bit unorthodox and only used when you have a *serious* mouse problem. The bucket is filled half full of water and the bait is placed on a hanger above the bucket. This type of trap can catch a dozen mice at a time and is normally only used in more rural areas. Not appropriate if young children are present as they might drown in it.

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