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Metal Door Threshold

When installing new flooring, a transition piece called a "threshold" is normally used. The threshold may be a nice piece of wood or, just as common, a metal strip. Metal thresholds are often used in high-traffic areas as they are sturdy and resist wear better than wood.

Metal threshold
Items needed:
Screw starter
Drill and concrete bits
Center punch & hammer
Metal threshold
Door sweep
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Cut even amounts from each end of threshold. 
File rough metal edges.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Trim door molding at height of threshold
Trim door molding at height of threshold

Step 1:

The first step is to trim door jamb molding to allow the threshold to extend between the door jambs. Use a chisel or carefully use a small saw to remove the bottom-most 1/2" piece of trim.

Cut and arrange threshold
Cut and arrange threshold

Step 2:

Next, place measure the inside distance between the door jambs.  Mark the cuts, one from each end equidistance from the edges. Using a hacksaw, cut the threshold to length. File off metal burrs and sharp edges.   If needed, drill new hole approximately 2 inches from the edge in the center of the threshold.  Using a hammer and center punch, make a depression for the screw head.

Slide gasket in groove on base of threshold.
Slide gasket in groove on base of threshold.

Step 3:

Add the gasket strip to the bottom of the threshold by sliding it in the groove.  A little soapy water will help.  

Drill concrete for screw anchor
Drill concrete for screw anchor

Step 4:

Because this threshold is over a concrete floor, the normal brass screws included were not used.  Purchase special concrete screws, like those from Tapcon. You will need a masonry bit to drill through the concrete.

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