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Repairing Loose Wallpaper

After some time wallpaper may come loose from the wall.  The problem may be in the original application, proximity to humidity (in bathrooms), or poor workmanship in the original hanging.  

Items needed:

Wallpaper adhesive
small brush

Safety Suggestions and Tips
Make sure all excess adhesive is removed
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 15 Minutes


Loose flap

Step 1:

Carefully look around for all sections where the wallpaper may be loose.  Typically this occurs at the base of the wall. While there are many adhesives on the market, it is probably worth your while to spend a few bucks for a special wallpaper adhesive.  This product, once cured, cannot be removed without debonding agents and substantial effort.  

Apply adhesive
Apply adhesive

Step 2:

Apply the adhesive on the wall behind the loose section.

Remove valve
Spread adhesive

Step 3:

Now, using a small brush, spread the adhesive on the wall and smooth out the section.  Be sure to get the entire section, including the seam area.  This can be cleaned up before the adhesive cures.  

Remove flapper
Smooth paper

Step 4:

With the adhesive applied and spread, now smooth the wallpaper, starting from the unaffected area and smoothing towards the seam.  Be sure to smooth out any air bubbles or pockets.  Wipe off the excess adhesive immediately using a cloth or sponge and warm water.

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