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Fixing Drywall Dings

Kids beating up your walls?  Dings in drywall are one of the more common problems homeowners have to repair.  They are easy to fix as long as the damage is cosmetic only.  One note, at the hardware store, you don't need a 5 gallon bucket of the joint compound.  They sell small tubs of the stuff.  They sometimes call it spackling or patching compound.

Drywall Ding Damage
Items needed:
Tub of Joint Compound
4" (approx.) tape knife
150 grit sand paper
Razor Knife
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Two coats for deep gouges
Cover crayon with Kilz
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Remove loose flakes
Remove loose paper

Step 1:

The first thing to do is to remove all flakes and other loose material.  If the paper is damaged, cut it away with a knife so you do not peel a whole bunch of it off. .

Spread compound
Spread compound

Step 2:

Using a small putty knife (4" or so) spread the joint compound evenly over the damage.  Do not leave extra (like in the picture), you will only have to sand it away later.

Go both directions
Different direction

Step 3:

Spread the joint compound from two different directions, first horizontally, then vertically.  This will ensure that you completely fill the void.

Sand compound smooth
Sand smooth

Step 4:

Wait until the joint compound dries thoroughly and then sand it.  If there is still a depression, you may need a second coat of compound.  At this point, you can spot prime the area or just paint over it if the repair is fairly small.

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