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Drywall Repair - Cutting back to studs

Big holes caused by stray 2x4's and the like look like a major problem but may be easily repaired.  This guide will show you how to fix the hole

Large hole in drywall
Items needed:
Joint compound
150 grit sandpaper
Piece of drywall
Drywall Screws (at least 1 1/4")
6" or larger tape knife
Utility (razor) knife
Drywall joint tape>
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Measure twice, cut once
Use new sharp blade and keep it clean
Do not freehand score wallboard
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 6 hour


Slide tape measure beneath for distance

Step 1:

It is necessary to cut the drywall back to the studs in order to repair large holes.  Stick a measuring tape into the hole in each direction to determine the location of the studs. 

Transfer distance, plus half of stud thickness

Step 2:

Transfer the measurement to the outside of the wall and mark the location.  This is the inside edge of the stud.  You need to cut to the middle of the stud so add 3/4" to your measurement.

Mark off cut with square

Step 3:

Using a square or other straight-edge, mark the location of the studs on the outside of the wall.  Now make a perpendicular line to the studs in order to form a box.  This is the line that you will cut along.

Score along marks

Step 4:

Using a razor knife, cut along the marks you just made.

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