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Fixing Gaps in Molding

Winter time? No humidity and all of the sudden the molding that you carefully installed last summer seems to be pulling itself apart. This is very easy to fix. Go to your local store and get some "Painter's Caulk." Painter's caulk is generally latex caulk and is fairly inexpensive. Most Acrylic caulks may also be used. 

Items needed:
Caulk gun
Nail or wire
Utility knife
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Use correct type of caulk
Place large nail in tube after use
Remove any previous or loose caulk
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Cut tip off at angle

Step 1:

Put the tube of caulk in the gun and run a bead of caulk along the crack. Use your finger to force as much caulk as possible into the joint.

Loosen cover screws

Step 2:

Using a damp sponge, wipe the excess caulk from the molding. Rinse the sponge with water if it becomes clogged with caulk.

Dirty, Dirty!

Step 3:

Wipe off any residual caulk and dry the area with a paper towel. Be careful not to pull caulk out of the joint when doing this.

Spray with clean and rinse

Step 4:

Wait until the caulk sets up (check the tube) and paint over the joint. Paint the joint normally and then, using just the tip of the brush, feather the paint so that it blends in.

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